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What is a die-cutting machine die-cutting process

    Die cutting machine die-cutting process is the packaging printing and non-metallic materials most commonly used in a punching process, is to use die-cutter design requirements based on the product packaging combined into a die-drawing, under pressure, to print or other rolled plate blank cut to the desired shape of the molding process or cut marks. Indentation technique is to use pressure line pressure line knife or die by the pressure acting on the outlet pressure marks on the sheet, or the use of rolling wheels on the blank lines get out of line marks, in order to be able to press the sheet metal bending and forming a predetermined position usually die indentation technique is to die and the pressure line knife combined in the same template at the same time cutting machine cutting and creasing process, referred to as die. Main process is: to adjust the pressure on the board --- --- OK --- Data --- paste rubber strip test pressure die --- officially cutting --- stripping --- Finished checking --- Points packaging.

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