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Casing is how to form a book stapler machine shell?

Shell Casing book binding machine is a staple in a hard or soft cardboard add a layer of cloth or leather outside , forming a book case , together with the book block into a hardcover book binding process. Book cover , that book case , the preparation of the core wire and the book is not set or perfect binding together . When the shell to books plus books and book covers area larger than the area of ​​the book block pages . Built book cover book case that is prepared , it is usually in the finisher after signatures . In front of the shell into the book , cardboard first stuffed a machine and cut into an appropriate size. Built book case , the system of book case machine cardboard backing material and stick together , and the excess cardboard under seal Pibu rotation inside the cardboard gluing, bonding and sealing Pibu form a smooth hard shell .
  At this point , there is no pre-printed patterns can be embossed gilt book covers , etc., and then Casing machine can stick to the core of the book . The next series of work is how to lock wire binding or perfect binding books and book covers stapled together into a hard cover book with a hardcover process it. In fact, this book is also part of the shell binding . Flatten the spine and flatten signatures : Lock wire binding books need flatten to remove excess air between pages when bound books and can reduce the swelling . Flatten the spine pressure is spine , and flatten the signatures of the book is the entire surface of the front and back pressure .

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