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Guangdong Hongming Intelligent Joint Stock Co., Ltd. has always been treating our customers’ demand as our core, the scientific concept of development as our guide. We dedicated to provide the high-end gift box processing solutions, which gradually become the world's leading mechanical production enterprises of high-end gifts boxes.

So far our fully automatic series has been renowned at home and abroad. And in accordance with the domestic market needs, we upgrade and improve our equipments to be more advanced, more automated, and more intelligent.


 1999, created by the gold key Hung Ming, general manager and successfully developed semiautomatic heaven and earth cover products, from completely changed the history of China gift box with manual production history.


2000, Hongming Machinery successfully developed and produced hardcover book covers semi-automatic machines.


2001,Our machines derive from quality and evolve toward a better quality, and then they get into mass production. This is how we occupy the domestic market with our Rigid Box Machines.


2002,We began a new project on DA660 Automatic Hard Case Machine. Meanwhile, we acquired the CE certification and sold the semi-automatic machines abroad, marking our footsteps in the international market.


2003,We began another new project on Automatic Rigid Box Machines. And DA660 achieved rapid progress, and in late 2003 DA660 succeeded a trial in our customer’s factory.


2004,We targeted DA660 as our main product in 10 years and had it produced in small patch. Then at the end of the same year, HM-ZD600 Automatic Rigid Box Machine came out.


2005,DA660 went into mass production, while HM-ZD600 was handed over to our customer for trial.


2006,DA660’s monthly production capacity increased from 3 sets to 5 sets. And HM-ZD600 began its small patch production.


2007,We sold 50sets of DA660to the whole world, while HM-ZD600 also gained its international reputation and agents, and these agents helped us to set up the solid foundation of aftersales services.  


2008, Hong Ming has invested large sums of money and devote more gift hardcover equipment and production.

 2009,We developed the HM-ZDS240 Automatic Plastic Box Machine.

2010,Our performance hit CNY130 million, a new record.


2011,We moved to a new factory site, with more funding, better equipments, and larger team.


2012,We developed an upgraded model HM-ZD6418 Automatic Rigid Box Machine, which was sold in exhibition China Print 2013 Beijing, acquiring more orders, too.


2013,We upgraded all our models again, to be more functional and more efficient.


2014,We developed HM-ZD2418 Automatic Rigid Box Machine, functional enough to produce the complicated but small box.


2015,We upgraded our camera-tracking system by an our own SCAR (Selective compliance assembly robot arm), which helped very much for the positioning accuracy and fluency.


2016,We developed HM-ZD350A Automatic Rigid Box Machine and exhibited it in Drupa 2016 Germany. All the visitors got impressed by its function, its cosmetic and its safety.


2017,We changed our name into Guangdong Hongming Intelligent Joint Stock Co., Ltd from Dongguan Hongming Machinery Co., Ltd.