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Guangdong Hongming sincerely invites you to attend the 28th South China International Printing Exhibition in 2022


Guangdong Hongming Intelligent Co., Ltd. will participate in the 28th South China International Printing Industry Exhibition on March 4-6, 2022. We sincerely invite you to visit the exhibition.

About the Exhibition


South China International Printing Industry Exhibition has been rooted in south China market since its beginning. Relying on its booming printing industry resources, it has gone through many years of tests and baptism, and now it has become the most influential and authoritative international professional event in south China. South China International Printing Industry Exhibition is known as China printing and packaging vane grand event. The organizer of the exhibition will upgrade to international, professional and high-end with a new look. It is estimated that there will be more than 1,700 exhibitors, 100,000 professional visitors and the exhibition area will exceed 140,000 square meters.

Exhibition highlights


1. Advance to intelligence and jointly meet the era of intelligent manufacturing

With the advent of 5G era, the printing and packaging industry is ushering in a new era of intelligent development. The "Intelligent packaging and Printing" zone created by South China Printing Label Exhibition will focus on displaying leading automation technology and helping enterprises improve the intelligent level of equipment.

2. Paper container packaging area

With the rapid development of packaging industry, conforming to the market development trend, the exhibition advocates the concept of recyclable and sustainable development and promotes the green development of enterprises.

3, environmental protection flexo printing area

Flexo printing, as an environmentally safe and resource-saving printing method, is an important way to transform label printing to green. The exhibition area gathered many head brand enterprises, on-site display of the most cutting-edge flexo printing technology, to discuss the future development of flexo printing road.

4. Special paper/packaging materials section

Special paper leads the papermaking industry with its excellent functionality and applicability, and is widely used in various fields. The exhibition works with well-known exhibitors of green and environmental protection packaging materials to help enterprises improve production capacity, reduce energy consumption and solve the different needs of buyers for color box packaging.

The theme of the exhibition will be "Digital, Smart, Green and Innovative". Devoting to create a "paper container packaging area", "flexible packaging area", "innovative packaging materials area", "corrugated packaging", "environmental flexo + green label materials area", "RFID intelligent area", "label after printing area" and other areas.


HM-ZD6418D high-speed automatic box making machine:


Key technologies:

This machine adopts servo control system, image positioning system to realize automatic completion of paper feeding, gluing, gray board feeding, pasting four corners, positioning, box holding, edge wrapping, ear folding and folding molding.In feida, glue and conveyor belt using well-known brand servo drive, can be stepless speed, high precision, easy to adjust, save time; The corner part can be pasted with adhesive tape of different lengths in different sections according to needs; The positioning part adopts image positioning system and robot grasping parts to improve the positioning accuracy and efficiency, and the error range can reach ±0.05mm, and the positioning and debugging speed is faster; The molding machine adopts THK linear guide rail and virtual electronic CAM drive, which is more stable, wear-resistant and smoother, and has a larger folding depth and folding ear length.

Application: all kinds of packaging boxes

Show the address


Time: 2022.3.4-6

Venue: Zone A, China Import and Export Fair, Guangzhou

Booth no. : hall 2.1 2620

You are cordially invited to participate

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