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Hongming officially launched a brand-new management method—organization, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, quality, safety, and economical management! ! !

Hongming 7S management system has been launched

In order to enhance and improve the corporate image, improve work efficiency, and improve the mental outlook of employees. Hongming Intelligent Co., Ltd. recently implemented 7S management activities, and collectively learned the meaning of 7S and the importance of the long-term development of the enterprise after the implementation of 7S measures.

7S is the foundation of management, the prerequisite for the productive maintenance of all employees, and the first step of total quality management. If any enterprise has a certain foundation in 7S, it will get twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, 7S is used as a basic method for the implementation of other activities. When introduced into the enterprise, it can play a good role in promoting the promotion of other activities.

1. What is the 7S management system?

7S refers to: sorting, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning, safety, quality and saving. It is one of the most important "magic weapons" of on-site management. It is considered by the Americans as the concept of housekeeping, which refers to an effective tool in improving working conditions and promoting the process.

The purpose of enterprises implementing 7S is to increase sales, increase profits, and obtain greater benefits in order to achieve their sustained growth benefits. Mainly can be summarized into 7 aspects: 1. Improve and enhance the corporate image. 2. Improve work efficiency. 3. Improvement of quality. 4. Decreasing cost. 5. Shorten the delivery time. 6. Guarantee of safety. 7. Improve the mental outlook of employees.

2. The significance of implementing 7S management

The 7S (organization, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, accomplishment, safety, economy) management method has eight major benefits, which are listed below.

Benefit 1: Enhance and improve the corporate image, neat and clean working environment, easy to attract customers, so that customers have confidence; at the same time, due to word of mouth, it will become the learning object of other companies.

Benefit 2: Promote the improvement of efficiency, good working environment and working atmosphere, well-educated working partners, orderly placement of items, employees can concentrate on work, high interest in work, and efficiency will naturally increase.

Benefit 3: Improve inventory turnover rate, clean working environment, effective storage and layout, thoroughly manage the lowest inventory, so that useful items can be taken out immediately when necessary. The smooth logistics between processes can reduce or even eliminate the search and detention time, and increase the inventory turnover rate.

Benefit 4: Reduce or even eliminate faults, guarantee quality, and good quality comes from a good working environment. Through regular cleaning and spot inspection, the working environment is continuously purified, lint dirt damages the machine, and the high efficiency of the equipment is maintained and the quality is improved.

Benefit five: to ensure the safe production of the enterprise, the storage is clear, the objects are returned to their original positions, the workplace is spacious and bright, the passage is unobstructed, and there will be no items that should not be placed on the ground. If the workplace is not in disorder, the occurrence of accidents will be reduced, and of course safety will be guaranteed.

Benefit 6: Reduce production costs. By implementing 7S, waste of personnel, equipment, places, time, etc. can be reduced, thereby reducing production costs.

Benefit 7: Improve the mental outlook of employees, revitalize the organization, and make everyone become an educated employee, with dignity and sense of accomplishment, dedicated to their own work, and promote awareness of improvement (you can implement rationalization proposal improvement activities), increase The vitality of the organization.

Benefit eight: 7S management benefits-shortening the operation cycle. Due to the fact that "clearly at a glance" management, the abnormal phenomenon is obvious, the waste of personnel, equipment, and time is reduced, the production is smooth, the operation efficiency is improved, and the operation cycle is shortened.

3、 Hongming 7S management training site



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