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HM-430E/F automatic positioning forming machine
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    HM-430E/F automatic positioning forming machine
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    2021-09-24 10:50:33
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Function Description:

HM-430E/F automatic positioning forming machine is the latest model developed by our company. It consists of an automatic gluing positioning machine, two six-axis robot holding box positioning, and two forming machines. It is suitable for a variety of tissues. Production with the positioning/forming process of the blank box. It can also be used for the production of cardboard and facial paper positioning process.

This machine adopts PLC and touch screen man-machine control system, image positioning system to realize paper feeding, gluing, positioning, forming and automatic completion. In Feida, the rubber and conveyor belts use servo drives, which can be continuously variable, high precision, easy to adjust, and save time. The positioning part adopts the image positioning system and robot grasping parts to improve positioning accuracy and efficiency. The error range is ±0.02-±0.05mm, and the speed is faster. It adopts robot to hold the box to form, and the degree of automation is high.

Unit characteristics and standard configuration

1. It is suitable for the positioning of various tissues and box blanks, and the automatic production of the forming process.

2. It is suitable for automatic production of all kinds of facial paper and gray paper positioning process.

3. The setting of all computer function parameters.

4. Fault diagnosis function.

5. The function of automatically sucking and feeding facial paper.

6. 24-hour control glue preheating function.

7. The whole machine adopts servo control system.

8. Image positioning system and robot grabbing, forming using robot holding box.

9. Glue viscosity automatic control system (optional).

The main technical parameters




成型最大尺寸 Box Size (Max)



成型最小尺寸 Box Size (Min)



对搭面纸折耳尺寸 Paper Corner Edge Size



生产速度 Speed



总功率 Power /电压 Voltage



耗电量 Power Consumption



机器净重 Net Weight



机器尺寸 Machine Dimension



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