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HM-ZD430 Automatic Box Forming Machine
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    HM-ZD430 Automatic Box Forming Machine
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    2018-01-26 11:02:44
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  • Hongming machinery mainly produce Automatic rigid box machine, rigid box maker, rigid box line, glueing machine, box wrapping machine, box maker, ect. These machines are widely used to making rigid box, fancy box, custom box, cell phone boxes, chocolate boxes, etc.
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      HM-430 Automatic box forming machine is our latest box forming machine. It applies to make high quality rigid box into mass production. Like jewelry box, mobile box, gift box, cosmetic box, watch box, slanting box, slip case (option device) etc. The min. finished size is 55x45x10mm, maximum finished size is 400x300x80mm.

      This machine adopts servo and cam drive, wrapping, folding molding done automatically, the operation is more stable and smooth. Folding ear part adopt cylinder device which achieve longer size range. Due to the extensive use of servo, the running speed increase a lot with more flexible control. Hongming patented clamping mechanism, derived from a series of mature box mode, to meet customer further demand. The machine also uses a light sensor and rails to protect the operator.

      The machine requires only one operator can complete the normal operation, a capacity 800-1200pcs box per hour.




  1. Suitable to kinds of rigid box production

  2. Computer control parameter settings

  3. Malfunction Alarm

  4. Suit to slanting box and slip case production (optional)

  5. Protect system adopts Panasonic light sensor

  6. Variety modes of production

  7. Servo control system


Technical Parameters



Box Size (Max.)


Box Size (Min.)


Paper Folding In Size (R)


Paper Corner Edge Size


Working Speed




Net Weight


Machine Dimension



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