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High-speed carton gluer favored by the carton factory

    For the production of cardboard boxes manufacturers one of the most important water are often overlooked, as the technology continues to improve carton machinery, Nien me updates very fast. Because Glue machine technology performance and tile line speed and performance are closely related. Carton plant need to be able to save raw materials and labor efficient gluer.

     Over the past decade, high-speed carton gluer favored by the carton factory. Paste box machine speed can improve the performance of sticky boxes, reduce costs, about 120 per minute can stick around, semi-automatic gluer than about half speed. The old-fashioned Gluer requires operator to manage and control every production batch of paste, all you need to add ingredients. Finally, the new Glue the way they are on the market trend - at a lower cost to produce higher-performance products on the market everlasting rule.

     The speed can be as long as two operators, fully computerized control, easy to understand.

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