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Domestic enterprises calls to restrict imports of used machinery and equipment

Prior to operation with domestic and imported second-hand machinery scattered bodies are different, Ritchie Bros. is the world's largest industrial auction company in the world with offices in 25 countries . Insiders believe that , in order to facilitate and leverage global platform 's capabilities , along with its business in China rolled out , which means there will be more used equipment worldwide influx home.
  Have to say , Ricci's arrival stepped on a sensitive time node . Because macroeconomic growth and decline of real estate regulation , the domestic construction machinery industry is entering winter.
  In fact , this year, should the severe restrictions on imports of used machinery controversy in China have repeatedly appeared . Including Sany President Xiang Wenbo , Zoomlion chairman Guo-Jian , Sunward chairman Qinghua , Liugong Group President Wang Xiaohua are invariably issued import restrictions voice, China Construction Machinery Industry Association Secretary Suzi Meng also has on several occasions expressed concern.
  China Machinery Industry Federation, the data show that in 2012 the industry in addition to concrete machinery to achieve positive growth, annual sales fell 35 percent excavators , loaders fell 29.7% , down 35% cranes , bulldozers fell 22%. 2013 , the construction machinery industry is still the most serious problem to the inventory .
  Sunward secretaries Caiguang Yun said: "In the case of the market has a surplus , then release the foreign second-hand construction machinery imports, domestic brands will suffer shocks, even sluggish domestic construction machinery enterprises recovery and the pace of development ."
  According to the participants of the insiders, the auction of used equipment prices are generally only 30% of the new machine to 50%. The person that is by virtue of low prices, import of used machinery occupies a part of the market share in 2011 , for example, total sales of excavators on the market
More than 170,000 units, sales of new machines excavators brands accounted for 39.11% , while the proportion of imported second-hand excavator reached approximately 14.25% .
  Business calls for limiting regulatory
  Zoomlion an insider told reporters , import of used machinery and regulatory restrictions , in addition to the protection of national industry , but also to safeguard the interests of domestic consumers , " imported second-hand machinery in the durability , serviceability aspects are not as new domestic machine , the most important thing is service can not be guaranteed . "
  In addition, the regulation on the blank area , also resulted in many devices do not meet import standards are able to flow into the domestic market, especially the high energy consumption , high pollution equipment.
  The parties, the purchase of used equipment lack of professional ability to identify, shoddy businesses , customers only, and found that the hydraulic system component wear serious , volumetric efficiency decreased greatly reduced machine performance . Plus there is no sale " three guarantees " service, in the event of failure, maintenance costs and spare parts purchase costs are high.
  "If China continues to import second-hand construction machinery without any restrictions or strengthen supervision, China will likely gradually reduced these imported second-hand machinery garbage dump ." Sany President Xiang Wenbo said publicly that in microblogging .
  In fact, the restrictions on the import of second-hand equipment and supervision , many developing countries have already implemented .
  May 2012 , Vietnam began to suspend imports due to backwardness, low quality and pollution of the environment to be eliminated second-hand machinery and equipment and production lines. Also asked relevant departments to strengthen the product may lead to accidents and an inventory catalog , and timely introduction of appropriate technical standards.

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