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Rigid box making machine, Rigid box maker, Rigid box line-Hongming Machinery Company

   April 9, 2011 -13 Division I participated in the second session of the China Guangdong International Printing Technology Exhibition . Our company will exhibit for a variety of hardware boxes, gift boxes , shoe boxes , wine boxes , covered boxes, and other high-tech equipment world . Exhibition Machine Name : Automatic box making machine, automatic machine hull
  Dongguan Hongming Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of gift boxes , hardcover machinery and equipment businesses . Has become a set gift box, hardcover book machinery and equipment development, design, production, sales and services, strategic investment , high-tech achievements incubator of high-tech enterprises. Its machinery is widely used in gift boxes , hardcover books, moon cake boxes , phone boxes , shoe boxes , and other production and packaging. Founded in 1999 , due to business expansion and development needs was August 22, 2011 by the Dongguan City Wanjiang officially moved Dongguan Dongcheng District ( former company phone and fax numbers remain unchanged ) .
  Detailed address: Dongguan Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Long Road niushan Qiantou new industrial area ( Shuilianshan intersection opposite ) , adjacent to 107 National Road, convenient location , comply with the company's rapid development and with the majority of customer contact , communication requirements , help enhance the company's image and further business development.

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