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HM-TN3025 Automatic Lining Machine
HM-TN3025 Automatic Lining Machine HM-TN3025 Automatic Lining Machine
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    HM-TN3025 Automatic Lining Machine
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    2018-01-31 09:52:07
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  • Hongming machinery mainly produce Automatic rigid box machine, rigid box maker, rigid box line, glueing machine, box wrapping machine, box maker, ect. These machines are widely used to making rigid box, fancy box, custom box, cell phone boxes, chocolate boxes, etc.
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HM-TN3025Automatic Lining Machine


HM-TN3025 is a new machine mainly for attaching the lining into finished boxes so as to get a better box cosmetic. This 2-axis servo grabs the lining and coat the glue from a roller and precisely spotters it into the rigid box according to the camera. HM-TN3025 is suitable to make high-end rigid boxes for mass production, such as mobilephone boxes, jewelry boxes, and gift boxes, etc.

This machine adopts Japanese Panasonic PLC and man-machine control, error auto stop and display, and 2-axis grabbing lining. The feeder, gluer and conveyor are driven by servo system which has continuously variable transmission and enjoys high accuracy, easy adjusting, and less time consumption. The cylinder for lift the greyboard box are all SMC. Black matte conveyor is from Iltaly. The spot unit has an inaccuracy within 0.05mm.

This whole machine only needs 1 or 2 operators and outputs about 1200-1700 boxes/hour.



Features and function

1. Suit to all kinds of rigid boxes in mass production;

2. Computer control with error auto stop and display;

3. 2-axis servo robot arm to grab lining, automatically lift the paper platform;

4. Lining coating roller controlled by servo with adjustable speed;

5. Conveyor can run and stop;

6. Cylinder for lift the greyboard box are all SMC;

7.Employ Japanese Panasonic PLC and man-machine control.




Technical Parameters:




Box Size

Length x Width x Height





Lining Thickness








Net Weight


Machine Dimension




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